SMART360 Technologies is an information technology and infrastructure service provider, focused on helping you make an impact on business and drive value through your IT investments. We, as Solution providers, understand the nature of your business and its requirements. Our team of specialists, work in small teams, using agile deployment methodology that enables us to achieve exceptional results. We focus on providing best results within a short period of time. With our expert consulting and partnership with top technology providers, we help you to choose the right solution, for your business needs.

SMART360 Technologies with its corporate office in Dubai, it has Sales locations across UAE, Africa, APAC. It began with the realization that there must be a better way to control the business expenses.

Smart360 has built its business on very strong ethical and commercial fundamentals which has not only helped it to consistently exceed the industry growth rate, but has also enabled to firmly establish it as the "partner of choice" with most of its vendors and business partners. Solution with 1 year pay back and having several customer in the small span of time, underlining the very strong foundation and prudent practices on which the company's business practices have been built.

  • Software Solutions
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Cloud Management
  • Security Implementations
  • Software Development
  • Annual Maintanence Services

- Our Team

Understatement is a virtue. Nobody wants to talk about money and often great achievements are treated humbly.

Why is this case? Do people that boast to try to hide their weaker sides? This could be the reason because many people make themselves heard through volume rather than true content. Often with moderate success. But is boasting really an addiction of lack of self-awareness? We claim that this is not the case! Since we have every reason to be proud of ourselves, we at last want to boast and brag – and can one find any better place than on an “About Us” page?


We Brag Now!

Understatement is a virtue. Nobody wants to talk about money and often great achievements are treated humbly.

We have been on the market for over 10 years and yet we are not even a bit tired! We got stronger with each passing day, pushing onward with the same passion as on day one, never letting routine become mere routine. Believe us: Our young team is stronger than any coffee you have ever had for breakfast! In addition to this great team we have gained knowledge that is compulsory with a 30-year company history. You might consider this a burden, but it is a burden which we are proud to carry. We love our business and like putting it this way: Our know-how is our capital. Our know-how is our added value. Our know-how is something precious, something that we gladly give to our clients and vendors.

- Professional advice for your IT needs

  • Our objective is to provide IT Solutions that match exactly your demands.
  • Our knowhow extends from Expense ,Petty Cash, Travel, Asset, Procurement on cloud solution to complete IT Hardware for small companies to global players.
  • Our well-trained representatives can help you with any questions about Solution. We provide the whole range of IT Solutions on the Expense Control side depending on your demands.


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